Oct 21

10 reasons to choose bathroom fan S&P Silent

  • October 21, 2012

Silent 100 CZ - S&P VentilatorSilent 100 CZ - S&P Ventilator

During every renovation of a toilet, bathroom or laundry room, we face the problem how to choose our bathroom fan.
Ventilation of toilets and bathrooms not only provides remove of odors and vapors, but also prevent condensation, moisture and mold in the premises. The most common solution for this ventilation is with axial fans specially designed for bathrooms and toilets. Unfortunately, most of these fans are characterized by high noise and poor work. Due to this reason, we want to draw attention to a particular model: S & P Silent.

1.  The main criteria for selection of bathroom fan should be the air flow of the fan. In other words, this is an amount of air that the fan exhausts from the bathroom or toilet for 1 hour. Besides the air flow, the fan has a pressure capability, characterized by the power it has to overcome the resistances in the vent. The bathroom fan S&P Silent is among the most powerful in its class – it exhausts 95m3/h and the maximum pressure is 25Pa.

Silent 100 CZ - S&P vents, performance curve

2. The second important factor for selecting a fan for bathroom, toilet or wet premises remains the class of water protection. It is usually marked together with protection from dust as “protection class IP xx”. Most manufacturers are content with IPX4. This means no dust protection and moisture protection is 4 out of 5 on the power of 230V and a maximum of 7 on the power of 12V. No one would like to have an unprotected electrical product in the bathroom or toilet, right?
The fans S&P Silent has the highest protection class – IP45 (230V) and IP57 (12V).


3.  As already mentioned above, the common characteristic of toilet and bathroom fans is their irritating noise. This is due to the vibrations in the motor and the impeller.
The ventilators S&P Silent are the quietest fans for bathroom, toilet and laundry room – only 26dB (A). They are patented for this and win awards each year.


 4. The bathroom and toiler fans S&P Silent have also back draft shutter, to prevent air and odor entry, as well as limiting the heat leakage when the extractor is not working.


5. The energy consumption is also important and should not be neglected. In recent years, all products become more and more efficient. The fans are no exceptions. Most manufacturers reduce the power consumption of their fans to15-20W.
S&P Silent consumes just 8W at 95m3/h. This makes it the most highly efficient fan for bathroom or toilet. The model S&P Silent Ecowatt consumes even less: 5W at 95m3/h.


6. To meet the customers wish, manufacturers produce various designs and options. S&P Ventilation are also not an exception.
Ventilators for toilets and bathrooms S&P Silent are produced in two different designs, several colors and different colored bands.


 7. Options for control of the bathroom fan also influence the selection. The fans S&P Silent can be choose with timer, humidity sensor and motion sensor. These are some of the options, making the range S&P Silent the most effective and well functioning ventilators for toilets and bathrooms.


8. Most of the toilets and bathrooms have vents made of PVC pipe Ф110. When the premise is bigger the duct can be Ф120 or Ф150. The ventilation air ducts are Ф100, Ф125 or Ф150/Ф160.
The fans S&P Silent are produced in three sizes with connection diameters that can suit circular ducts from Ф100 to Ф160


 9. The range of bathroom fans S&P Silent are produced with “silent-elastic-block”, that prevent from vibrations and ball bearings, which guarantee 30 000 hours working. These features allow installation on the wall or at the ceiling.


10. How many years will the fan work without noise or break down?!  This is a question that can help you select and prefer one instead of another. Of course, the warranty is associated with maintenance. If a bathroom fan S&P Silent is clean each year from dust, we can guarantee 3 years of working without any problem. That is why in Bulgaria, the fans S&P Silent are with 3 years warranty!


S&P are one of the biggest producers of fans all over the world. It has own subsidiaries on each continent and wide distributor network.
The official representative of S&P fans since 1994 is TANGRA. The range of domestic, commercial, industrial and OEM fans of S&P can be found in the commercial centers of TANGRA in Sofia, Varna and Bourgas or you may find them in the online shop: www.ventilator.bg

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