Jul 16

Hitachi Yutaki – inverter heat pump at a reasonable price

  • July 16, 2012
Hitachi Yutaki – inverter heat pump at a reasonable price

The inverter heat pumps are highly efficient and ecological systems for production of heating and domestic hot water. They use a refrigerant cycle to transform the low-potential energy of the outdoor air into high-potential energy for water heating. In the other words, for each kW used electricity the heat pump is producing 4 kW energy used for the heating of one house. It leads to reducing the current electricity costs and CO2 emissions by up to 50%. Unlike the usual heating installations, the heat pump systems don’t use the fossil fuels such as gas or petrol so the current costs can be reduced up to 60%. Even in -20°C temperature the Hitachi Yutaki heat pump produces more energy than it uses.

Depending on units capacity and purposes, there are two available options – mono-block Hitachi Yutaki M and split system Hitachi Yutaki S. The split system consists of two separate modules – heat pump and hydraulic module.

Hitachi Yutaki M

Hitachi Yutaki M is a compact outdoor unit that can be used with the existing heating solution. Mounted outside, the unit does not occupy a space in your home. It can work at the same time with different heating systems – radiators, underfloor heating and also can provide hot water for domestic use.
The programmable controller gives you the opportunity to adjust and control various air parameters. COP>4.


Hitachi Yutaki S

The split heat pump Hitachi Yutaki S consists of a heat pump module situated outside the house and a hydraulic module mounted in the premise. The absorbed heat from the outside unit is transferred to the hydraulic module, which supplies the water circuit and the heating systems. This module allows both heating and cooling. It is suitable for fan coils, radiators, underfloor heating or floor fan convectors. The programmable room thermostat allows weekly adjustment and decreasing the temperature during the night, which provide optimal temperatures and reduce the energy consumption. COP>4.1

High efficiency, easy installation and maintenance are the advantages that make the Hitachi Yutaki heat pumps preferred for heating systems in recent years. They are designed for heating, domestic hot water supply and cooling (only Yutaki S) in apartments, family houses, residential and public buildings. The heat pumps Yutaki are energy efficient, so the customer can benefit of funding from the EU energy efficiency programs.

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