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Jul 30
  • July 30, 2013

                                      Air handling units with heat pump incorporated                                                 TANGRA AHU – DEX

The microclimate in buildings is one of the most important factors for the comfort of it’s occupants. In the premises with high level of humidity like indoor swimming pools and SPA centers the maintaining of proper temperature and precise humidity is highly significant. The main role of air conditioning and ventilation systems is not only to provide comfort but to prevent condensation on the inner surfaces indoor and thereby to preserve building structure and furnishing for a long time.

Tradicionally air conditioning and ventilation systems of indoor swimming pools require more energy. The heat recovery unit with heat pump incorporated makes the equipment compact and at the same time independent of additional energy sources.

TANGRA has a wealth of experience in the design of air conditioning and ventilation systems. The company possess own production plants, specialized laboratory, a research and development department and well trained personnel in the field of design, production and installation of air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

Air handling units with heat pump incorporated TANGRA AHU-DEX are intended to work in clean and non-explosive environment.

They are used in ventilation and air conditioning installations in commercial and business buildings, indoor swimming pools, thermal and mineral baths, private swimming pools, SPA centers and sanatoriums.

TANGRA air handling units are manufactured in modules, which allows easy assembly, installation and dismounting. The product range include four type sizes air volume from 2500 up to 12000 m3/h at external pressure up to 500 Pa.


– High efficient two-stage heat recovery from the exhaust air.

– Three models of heat exchanger units with efficiency from 35% up to 65%.

– Heat pump module with variable capacity compressor from 10% up to 100% – Copeland Scroll Digital.

– Total efficiency greater than 90%.

– IE2 and IE3 fans with EC motors and frequency control for lower energy consumption.



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