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Feb 8

Energy efficiency – High efficiency heat recovery ventilation and solutions for the common problems of engineers and architects

  • February 8, 2013


енергийна ефективност - енергоспестяваща вентилация

On  06.02.2012г. TANGRA”, together with the Chamber of architects in Bulgaria-RK Sofia and the Chamber of engineers in the investment design, gathered colleagues from the two branches on presentation about ”Energy efficiency – High efficiency heat recovery ventilation”. There were more then 120 architects and engineers on the event.

Dipl. Eng.  J. Armianov  presented the tendencies for increasing of the efficiency of heat recovery ventilation systems. These tendencies become more popular during the last few years because of the highest prices of the energy, as well as the requirements of EU for energy efficiency.


Place in the presentation found also the new heat recovery units which have been on the market since January 2013.  The range of equipment for heat recovery ventilation covers 9 sizes with air flow from 250 to 3200м3/h, and the high efficiency heat recovery unit allows transfer of energy up to 85% between two workflows.

On the event they were discussed problems which architects and engineers have in their collaboration.

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