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Nov 15


  • November 15, 2018


High efficiency plate heat exchangers TANGRA REC HiE are certified by Eurovent 

The TANGRA team is proud to inform our partners and colleagues that the high efficient air-to-air plate heat exchangers manufactured by TANGRA are already certified by Eurovent Certita Certification. TANGRA is not only the first producer of exchangers in Bulgaria, but the company is the 11th in the world with the Eurovent certificate.

TANGRA has more than 25 years of experience in the production of air-to-air recuperators for heat recovery and this is our competitive advantage. The TANGRA REC plate heat exchangers are of different design and use,
enabling energy recovery according to the needs and requirements of each project and maximum energy efficiency. The integration of the recovery / regeneration section for energy recovery in the ventilation and air conditioning chambers not only reduces operating costs but also reduces the emissions and carbon footprint of buildings, and last but not least helps protect the planet we will leave for our children.


TANGRA has developed free selection software for plate heat exchangers and it can be downloaded from the web site of the company: https://www.tangra.bg/tools_BG.html

High efficiency plate heat exchangers air-to-air TANGRA REC HiE are tested and certifiedy by Eurovent unded the standard EN 308.

Now, air-to-air high efficiency plate heat exchangers TANGRA REC HiE are certified by Eurovent. 

The ventilation and air conditioning equipment produced by TANGRA has proven parameters tested by the most accurate HVAC laboratories in Germany and Switzerland and is certified by Eurovent.

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