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Sep 2
  • September 2, 2013

New catalogue of

Floor convectors TANGRA FFCU

The floor convectors are modern thermotechnical units, designed for incorporation into the floor for heating and air conditioning of commercial buildings, stores, showrooms, apartments, houses or other enclosed premises. They are particularly suitable for rooms with large windows displays where the units have both functional and decorative value.

The floor convectors can be used as a main or additional element for air conditioning in combination with another type of heating or cooling.

Operating temperature of the working fluid (water) from -5°С to +55°С.

The floor convectors FFCU are available in several models:

FFCU-Silentlow-noise version, suitable for residential buildings

FFCU-Powerhigh efficient version – for public buildings

FFCU-H – floor convector suitable only for heating, without condensation tray

air distribution with floor convectors TANGRA FFCU

The floor convectors management can be implement in several ways:

– Room thermostat with an option to control up to 6 fans at the same time (three convectors).

– Electrical control – room thermostat Siemens with LCD display, which provides easy adjustment of individual parameters. The unit also can be connected and manage an additional equipment such as valves, heaters, fans.

 Possibility for connecting to the centralized management system of the building.

To download the new catalogue of floor convectors TANGRA FFCU, please click here.


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