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May 14
  • May 14, 2013

New model Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

The range of heat recovery units made by TANGRA are designed for ventilation of:
– Individual houses and apartments
– Offices
– Commercial centers
– Hotels and restaurants
– Small production factories

 Heat recovery ventilation units are equipment for secondary use of the energy and heat of exhaust air and transfering it to the fresh air. In this way energy efficiency is reached in the ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Working temperature from -20oC up to 50oC.
Designed for working with fresh air and non-explosive mixtures.

The range of heat recovery units TANGRА EVB AL are working between 250m3/h. up to 4400m3/h.
The new model heat recovery ventilation unit EVB-AL 45 is desinged for air volume between 1500m3/h and 4400m3/h, and efficiency from 48% up to 57%.

To download the catalogue, please click <here> Heat Rerocvery Ventilation Units EVB – AL 45

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