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Jul 8


  • July 8, 2020

In these difficult times, when SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) hinders the free movement of people, TANGRA creates new partnerships to expand the company’s exports.

At the beginning of July 2020, TANGRAAV and PS HVAC LTD, signed representative agreement. The experience and motivation of the PS HVAC Ltd team will help to expand TANGRA’s exports and internationalization in the United Kingdom.

People in the UK are well aware of the need for energy recovery ventilation. The air handling units with heat recovery and built-in heat pump, as well as all products for high efficiency heat recovery ventilation will be part of the solutions offered by PS HVAC Ltd. The company has 15 highly qualified specialists ready to offer the best technical and commercial advice, as well as to provide, if desired, installation and service of ventilation equipment manufactured by TANGRA.

TANGRA has more than 30 years of experience in ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Production, research and development, HVAC laboratory and administration of the company are located on more than 8000 square meters. The TANGRA air handling units and heat recovery systems are certified by Eurovent and TUV Rheinland.

PS HVAC Ltd. will present to its partners in the next months the range of air treatment products of TANGRA:

–       Air handling units TANGRA AHU
* Eurovent and TÜV certified

       Mechanical heat recovery ventilation TANGRA EVB HiE
* Air flow from 150 to 6400m3/h (42 l/sec. to 1780 l/sec.) and efficiency 79% ÷ 88%
* Option for additional thermal box
 – Water or Direct expansion
* AAHE Eurovent certified

        Mechanical heat recovery ventilation TANGRA EVB ROT
* Air flow from 1000 to 6400m3/h (270 l/sec. to 1780 l/sec.) and efficiency
 75% ÷ 88%
* Option for additional thermal box
 – Water or Direct expansion
* AARE Eurovent certified

       Air heaters and coolers, floor fan coils TANGRA
* TÜV 

       Ventilation grilles and diffusers TANGRA

       Centrifugal fans TANGRA


In July, a team of PS HVAC Ltd. will undergo commercial and technical training of TANGRA in order to be able to offer its partners the best HVAC solutions. Part of the training will be conducted online so that the specialists of PS HVAC Ltd. not to travel from Great Britain to Bulgaria and to observe the anti-epidemic measures.

Stanislav Brankov, Director of “PS HVAC” Ltd. and
Ivan Armianov, Sales Director of “TANGRA
 – AV” Ltd.

National Service Telephone:
0887 73 73 75