Новините на Тангра

Nov 30

TANGRA has presented a new specialized web site for air handling units – www.airhandlingunit.eu

  • November 30, 2015

On December 1st, 2015, the sales team of TANGRA has presented a completely new, especially designed web site.
The main focus of the new web site is to present the air handling units which are produced by the company. There will be no presentations of any other groups of equipment.
Central air handling units are divided into four main sections:
– Compact air handling nits and supply only machines TANGRA Compact AHU
– Modular air handling units TANGRA AHU SD / REC
– Air handling units with heat pump module TANGRA AHU DEX M / S
– Hygienic air handling units TANGRA AHU HYG.
With the idea to bring comfort of developers and designers in their selection, on the web site are incorporated filters for selection of airhandling unit by application and by category.
In addition, at www.airhandlingunit.eu, you can find details about projects which are already completed with air handling units TANGRA AHU.
Till the end of  2015г. will be presented one  more site of the group of TANGRA.


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