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Mar 28

The Nederman Engineering Guide

  • March 28, 2013
Leading solutions for improved workspaces
Investing in Nederman products and systems leads to:
 • improved working environment by reducing health and safety risks
 • assured quality of finished products
 • reduced wear on tools and equipment
 • minimized harmful emissions to the outdoor environment
 • more cost-efficient operations with less manual labor.
Every application demands its own solution. Our mission is to help you achieve the optimum result regarding performance efficiency and payback whatever the application might be.
The Nederman Engineering Guide is especially produced for Nederman resellers to facilitate the planning and design of Nederman solutions. The guide is structured around the different applications, focusing on the characteristics and design issues specific to each application.
The Nederman Engineering Guide
– Vehicle Repair Workshops
– Emergency services
– Machining
– Metal workshop
– Food/Pharma industries
– Composite and plastic fabrication industries
– Welding
– Cutting
– Blasting media
– Vehicle exhaust extraction
– Lubrication and waste oil handling
– Oil mist filtering
– Cutting fluid cleaning and recycling
– Metal chip and scrap handling
– Metal recovery/Swarf handling
– Dust extraction and cleaning
– Odour and gas extraction
– Tank stripping and etc.
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