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Feb 14

YANMAR gas heat pump solutions are presented by TANGRA

  • February 14, 2018
Natural gas provides excellent power and performance. That is why Yanmar gas heat pump (GHP) air conditioning units are the ideal way to comfortably heat or cool large spaces. Available in air-to-air and air-to-water systems, Yanmar gas heat pumps offer outstanding cost performance and operational effciency. Variable engine speed control operation and various air or water distribution functions co-operate fawlessly to provide constant comfort and eliminate any noticeable temperature fuctuations. And… sound levels are comfortably low, too!
Because the compressor is driven by the gas engine, only the fans and peripheral equipment consume electricity, eliminating the need to install additional incoming electrical power equipment. Electrical power consumption is only approximately 10% of a similar class electric air conditioning unit.
The Yanmar GHP air conditioning units are perfect for shops such as boutiques, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Also restaurants, offces, schools, daycare centres, sports clubs, recreational facilities and factories beneft highly of it’s unique qualities. Year-round, year after year, ‘Yanmar comfort’ is there for you.
When it comes to the environment, natural gas generates lower levels of environmentally damaging substances such as NOx, SOx, and CO2 than oil and coal. Furthermore, the Yanmar GHP systems use R410A refrigerant, which has an ozone depletion potential of zero. Not only does R410A help to preserve the ozone layer, it also boosts the operational effciency of the air conditioning system.
The VRF system is available in cooling capacities of 45, 56, 71 and 85 kW. Due to a high APF [Annual Performance Factor], compact installation, light weight, multiple-unit installation, low sound levels, and heating operation at low ambient temperatures, these units can be matched to any required capacity. Heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply can be achieved with only one installation for any type of application. Maintenance costs are low with engine oil change only every 20,000 hours and regular maintenance every 10,000 hours.
* Option for Hydro-module for radiators, fancoils or underfloor heating.


Yanmar is the frst company worldwide to introduce a reversible chiller GHP of 71 kW in this power range.
It is an environmental friendly alternative to already existing air-to-air GHPs with indoor units and air-to-water GHPs with hydro-modules.
By incorporating a heat exchanger into the GHP unit, the Yanmar GHP chiller is self-contained, allowing for direct hydronic connection to the unit, saving installation space and resources while providing an improved COP.
With one of the longest maintenance intervals in the industry, high quality and reliability, the Yanmar GHP chiller can provide water at a wide range of temperatures suitable for a wide va-riety of commercial applications from comfort air condition-ing to the replacement of boilers and other systems in many industrial and public sectors. Next to the overall  feature of an all-in-one package, the key product features include :
• heating and cooling [reverse cycle]
• high effciency
• direct water system connection to the unit
• same footprint as direct expansion type unit
• low electrical power requirement
• no need for a cooling tower
• hot water recovery for sanitary use  [available in cooling mode]
Yanmar has a global workforce of over 15,000 and a sales network operating in more than 130 countries. We design and manufacture diesel engines, accessories and finishing equipment for a wide range of applications in pleasure craft and commercial marine vessels, for industrial use, agricultural machinery, construction equipment as well as gas engines for cogeneration and gas heat pump systems. The company has pioneered clean emissions technology and sustainable energy systems. In Europe, Yanmar employs around 600 people and generates annual sales of approximately Euro 800 million. For Bulgaria, TANGRA represent YANMAR Energy systems.
National Service Telephone:
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