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Central Air Conditioning Systems (Chillers & Heat pumps)

HITACHI Samurai central air conditioning systems offer air-cooled and water-cooled water cooling and heating units, and the modular design provides a solution for any project, regardless of space constraints. HITACHI Samurai S / M / L can be combined as single or cascade systems, while offering high-performance and competitive solutions for maximum comfort and safety. They are extremely suitable for cooling and heating of commercial buildings and shops, business and office buildings, industrial and manufacturing enterprises. Samurai L water cooling units can produce cold water down to -10°C at outdoor temperatures of -15°C. At the same time, Samurai S and Samurai L can provide heating down to -15°C/-20°C. HITACHI Samurai chillers and heat pumps use the latest modulation technologies and meet the highest requirements for energy efficiency ErP 2021.


  • Samurai S: Inverter rotary compressor.
  • Samurai M: Inverter scroll and moto compressor fans.
  • Samurai L: Modular screw and Inverter moto fans

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