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Floor Linear Diffuser

Ventilation grilles TANGRA FLD are designed for supplying fresh air from ventilation and air conditioning systems and allow installation directly on the floor. They are designed for air distribution and allow heavy loads to be carried on them. Floor linear diffusers are extremely attractive air distribution devices and can be not only built into the floor, but also mounted on a wall or on a building element. The air flow rate of single ventilation grille can be from 100m3/h up to 2880m3/h (from 27l/s – up to 800l/s).


  • They are made of solid anodized aluminum profiles that can withstand human load.


  • They are mounted via a junction box or directly on the construction opening.


  • Technical catalogue (PDF за сваляне)

From this section you can download the full documentation related to Floor Linear Diffuser TANGRA FLD:

Technical catalogue

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