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Facade Grilles for Outdoor Installation

Ventilation grilles for outdoor installation are specially designed for suction of fresh air or discharge of the exhaust air from ventilation and air conditioning systems and installation directly on the facade or on building enclosing elements. The aerodynamic pressure drop is low and the slats are mounted so that they do not allow raindrops to enter. The air flow rate of single ventilation grille can be from 100m3/h up to over 1000m3/h (27l/s – over 278l/s).


  • TANGRA NJR – Fixed non-removable ventilation grille made of galvanized sheet metal with option for aluminum AL frame (+ AL). Possible implementation of insect net (+ IN) at the customer’s request. Standard painted in white (RAL9010), but at the customer’s request can be painted in any RAL color.
  • TANGRA VJR – External revisory ventilation grille made of aluminum profiles and aluminum frame. The grille is attached to the frame with hinges and reamers, which allows opening to replace the air filter against dirt and insects, as well as revising the duct network from the outside. Painted in white as standard (RAL9010), but can be painted in any RAL color at the customer’s request.


  • They can be mounted directly on the facade or on an enclosing building element (panel).


  • Multi-leaf damper for air flow regulation (+M)
  • Filter (+ F)
  • Insect net (+ IN)
  • Flying / Non-return valve (+ RV)

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