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TANGRA RFT roof fans are designed with single inlet, backward blade wheel and vertical discharge. They are extremely suitable for general ventilation, as well as for ventilation of kitchens and suction from kitchen hoods. The series covers 6 standard sizes with a air flow rate from 1000 m3/h. up to 7500 m3/h and free static pressure up to 400Pa. The turbine is specially designed so that the geometry of the blades protects them from retaining dirt and makes the series of fans preferred for transporting air with impurities of dust and / or oil vapor up to 200 mg/m3. The fans are manufactured with single-phase (230V) and three-phase (380V) motors and protection class IP54. The construction is made of galvanized sheet metal with electrostatic powder polymer coating.

  • Air flow: 1000 m3/h up to 7500 m3/h (277 l/s ÷ 2083 l/s)
  • Electric motors class: IE3
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Easy installation, commissioning, cleaning and maintenance.

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