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TANGRA AirSterilizer 07
Air Purifier and Air Sterilizer

The air purifiers TANGRA AirSterilizer 07 are designed as a highly effective solution for eliminating viruses, bacteria and fighting coronaviruses. TANGRA AirSterilizer 07 are air purifiers that work quietly and provide maximum efficiency through a high degree of air exchange. They are extremely suitable for work in doctors’ offices, hospitals, waiting rooms, offices, shops, gas stations, exhibition halls, factories, schools, kindergartens and public buildings.

Air sterilizers perform three-stage air purification:

  • The first phase is mechanical air purification of solid particles by air filter ISO ePM1 60% (ISO16890) / F7 (EN779).
  • The second phase is the capture of aerosols and viruses through the HEPA H13 air filter (ISO16890 / EN779).
  • The third phase is irradiation of pathogens by UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm.


  • Filters more than 99.95% of aerosols and viruses from indoor air.
  • Sterilizes the air by UV-C irradiation (253.7nm), which guarantees 99.99% purification.
  • High degree of air exchange.
  • Extremely quiet operation, thanks to sound insulation of the housing and built-in silencers.
  • Low energy consumption, thanks to a high-efficiency EC fan, with electrical efficiency class IE5.
  • Easy and fast commissioning, without the need for technical specialists (Plug & Play).
  • Long service life and efficient operation, thanks to the three phases of air filtration and sterilization.
  • Unlike other UV-C sterilizers, TANGRA AirSterilzer 07 can work while occupants are in the room and does not harm their health, thanks to the closed UV-C emitters in the housing of the device.
  • Smart air distribution, with polluted air being sucked in from below (due to the severity of the viruses) and purified air being supplied to the top of the room, above the occupants’ heads.
  • Modern and compact design. Possibility to easily move from one room to another.

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