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Baffle Sound Attenuators

Baffle splitter sound attenuators are designed for installation in ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are designed for noise reduction at different frequency ranges. Baffle sound attenuators TANGRA are used to reduce noise from fans and air handling units transmitted through the duct system. The absorbing material of the baffles is lined with fiberglass as protection against erosion. Each package is reinforced with a protected mesh and a frame of high-grade galvanized steel, which allows high speed in the duct system. Sound attenuators are designed as standard elements for in-line ventilation duct systems. Acoustic data are measured standard ISO 7235.


  • TANGRA DSA 10/10 – baffles with thickness D=100mm and distance between the baffles S=100mm – effective in middle range frequency – from 500Hz to 4000Hz.
  • TANGRA DSA 10/6 – baffles with thickness D=100mm and distance between the baffles S=60mm – effective in high range frequency.
  • TANGRA DSA 20/12 – baffles with thickness D=200mm and distance between S=120mm – ефективни в ниските честоти.

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