Jul 21

TANGRA built the ventilation and air conditioning systems of the new Russian restaurant Druzya

  • July 21, 2014

Project: Russian restaurant Druzya – 34 Shipka Str. Sofia

General contractor: Bolkan Constructions AD

In May 2014 was opened the newest restaurant in Sofia – Druzya. The complex is situated on two floors, where are placed two wide restaurant halls, a playground and a terrace. The restaurant offers both traditional Russian and European kitchen..

Ресторант Друзья

Ресторант Друзья
All ventilation and air conditioning installation are made by TANGRA. The high efficiency and the low energy consumption of the equipment were some of the main criteria of the contractor. The variety of solutions for the halls, the playground and the kitchen, the flexibility of the control units and the high quality of the equipment were a prior factor when choosing a subcontractor for HVAC installation.

A central air-conditioning system with cassettes is built to maintain the necessary temperature in the premises. The floor convectors create a thermal barrier and ensure the comfort in the halls. All installations have an option for zone control – by floors or by single unit. The air conditioning system of the two halls, the playground and the kitchen is supplied by a Hitachi Samurai chiller.

The air supply and discharge is ensured by a central air handling unit with built-in recuperator TANGRA AHU REC, restoring up to 60% of the exhaust air energy. The zone control is also possible. An inverter allows reduction of the air flow depending on the visitor number, in which way a reduction of the energy costs are reached.

Ресторант Друзья
The dishes are prepared in a kitchen block placed in the basement or in a show-cooking in the main restaurant hall. The main kitchen was a challenge because of the numerous working places with different requirements. The ventilation is separated into zones, each one of them could work  separately if necessary. TANGRA CK-s kitchen hoods, fully cover the area over the ovens, discharging all odors and vapors and,  at the same time creating  a comfortable atmosphere for the staff. A precisely calculated and adjusted ventilation for the show-cooking makes the cooking in the main hall possible without disturbing the visitors comfort.

Ресторант ДрузьяDue to the their various working possibilities the ventilation and air-conditioning systems could work only in zones where they are needed. This fact decreases the energy consumption and ensures that all the installations work with optimal efficiency.

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